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Fearful Behavior

We humans often over-think situations and 'over-read' dogs' communication and body language. For example, it's "conventional wisdom" that a dog that has its tail tucked between his legs is afraid. The truth is that the tucked tail is only one component of a full range of information shown by ...

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SEE the dog

Rebecca (not her real name) called BBDT to have me come out and show her how to train her dog. The issues? Pretty standard issues ... jumping, nipping, destruction, house-soiling, pulling on the leash, etc. As I always do, I arrived and immediately began the process of learning about the dog and gaining his trust and respect. And as is ...

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The Well-trained Dog

The well-trained dog is a happy dog. Well-trained dogs get to go more places. The dog that knows how to behave in various situations or to look to you for guidance in unfamiliar situations is able to do more things and have more freedom. Things like hanging out with your dog at the park, taking your dog for walks, or ...

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Leo the Great Dane - Lesson 1

Meet Leo the Great Dane

Leo is a rescue from Houston whose owners called Best Buddy Dog Training because Leo was not adjusting well to his new home. He got into a fight with Kindle (the other dog), refused to go into his crate, and refused to walk down stairs. As is often the case, Leo simply needed guidance and ...

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Appropriate Touch

Are you touching your dog inappropriately? Sounds pretty provocative, doesn't it? All sorts of (ugly) ideas come to mind ... so let me tell you what I mean.

Quite often, when I'm called to a client's home for in home training, the dog(s) are noisy, excited, disrespectful, and sometimes even a bit aggressive. The most common denominator I have seen ...

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It's NOT the dog …

Much of 'modern' popular dog behavioral training seems to be focused on changing, redirecting or struggling to understand why dogs develop behavior issues, and treating the symptoms of those issues. In my opinion, far too much of the emphasis is then placed on changing the dog and not enough on changing the way the human owner relates to and behaves around the dog. In my experience, the most common behavioral issues tend to be created or exacerbated by the humans' input or lack thereof. For better or worse. The posts in this blog share my views on the human-dog relationship and how to effect it in a way that creates balance, calmness, fulfillment and obedience.

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