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Keep an open mind

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Keep an open mind

I get quite a few calls from people who are totally averse to using prong collars, e-collars, and even 'choke' collars. I can understand that. However, it's more important to keep an open mind about which tools might be necessary to solve your dogs' issues.

My preference is a simple 'choke' collar, properly used. But, while I seldom use them, there are dogs (and situations) where it will be appropriate and expedient to use other training collars such as electronic and prong collars. The good news is that - properly used - they are simply tools to 'break through' unwanted behaviors as necessary. Properly used, they will not injure your dog, nor will they need to be used often or for long. As your dog learns the consequences of his unwanted behaviors, he will change those behaviors appropriately.

The most important training tools are your attitude and your willingness to keep an open mind about solving issues.

Who you are to your dog is everything ...

Shawn Hines

~ Nov 23, 2018


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