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Prong or Personal?

Prong or Personal? ... Best Buddy Dog Training Blog

Prong or Personal?

Does your dog pull uncontrollably when on leash? Have you discovered that using a prong collar makes your dog easier to control? Many people do.

The problem I have with such tools is that they put the entire responsibility on the dog … and allow the handler to ignore the most important thing: the relationship and their role in developing and shaping that relationship.

In my view, using a tool that makes your dog easier to control is a poor substitute for developing a relationship where the dog follows you because he trusts you and your guidance and wants to be with and work with you.

If you truly NEED to use a prong collar or an e-collar, then by all means you should do so. However, this should be a short-term solution while you develop the skills and habits that make your dog willing to trust you and follow your lead. That puts the onus on you - the dog handler.

Your dog is not a lab experiment or a battery-operated robot - your dog is (or should be) a cherished member of your family (pack). It is your responsibility to learn to teach him to be calm, obedient and respectful.

Who you are to your dog is everything …

Shawn Hines

~ Feb 19, 2015


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