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Best Buddy Dog Training

Personalized Dog Obedience Training in Ct, Ma, NH, NY, and RI

About Best Buddy Dog Training

Best Buddy Dog Training is founded on the principle that genuine, compassionate, and effective dog training without reliance on treats, prong collars, electronic collars and other tools of control requires a close, affectionate bond between dog and human.

Happy dog looking up

While there is no shortage of dog trainers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, what makes Best Buddy Dog Training unique is our focus on the humans and how their actions, energy, leadership and intentions affect the dog's behavior, trust and obedience. Rather than focus only on commands, we focus on the quality of interactions, temperament, and getting the dog to be calm and submissive while being peaceful and cooperative. Our dog training is all about how to develop a respectful, affectionate, and cooperative relationship with your (obedient) dog.

Young labradoodle sitting and looking at Shawn

How We're Different

We get off-leash obedience quickly because we use affection, communication, trust, and MUTUAL respect. Dogs are intelligent, social animals. Understanding and relating while respecting their intelligence and willingness to work as a team is what gets fast, reliable results - not food-bribery or violence.

Two dogs in down-stay at a public park

Decades of Experience

With more than 30 years' experience, our dog trainer, Shawn Hines is sure to have seen and solved whatever problems you are having with your dog. In many cases, you will find that he focuses on training you more than training your dog. Why? Because your dog's behavior is most often a reflection of your relationship and day-to-day interactions with the dog. New dogs, shelter dogs, adopted dogs all have this same trait; and it really does not matter how old the dog is or how long the dog has been with you. We can start to change the dog's behavior right now by fixing or building the right kind of relationship from this moment on.

We provide dog training services throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Rhode Island.

Who you are to your dog is EVERYTHING...

- Shawn Hines