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Method, or Results?

Method or Results? ... Best Buddy Dog Training Blog

Method, or Results?

So many dog trainers ... so many crazy dogs. Many trainers are quite fanatical about their methods and tools ... even going as far as to say that others are wrong or abusive. With all the chatter, one thing seems to escape notice: We are virtually surrounded by crazy, dis-respectful, disobedient, out-of-control dogs.

I say it's time to stop arguing and start showing some results. Not methods - Results.

To me, the best result is a dog that is happy, peaceful, respectful, calm and obedient - without needing to be constantly 'reinforced' with treats or corrected with a prong collar or an e-collar. A truly off-leash obedient dog does not need any of those things when it really counts. A truly obedient dog doesn't even need a leash.

Who you are to your dog is everything ...

Shawn Hines

~ Oct 02, 2014


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