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Best Buddy Dog Training

Dog Obedience Training in Rhode Island - Dog Trainers

Dog Obedience Training In Rhode Island

Best Buddy Dog Training is a proven, professional dog training service based in Rhode Island. Our training methods are focused on getting your dog to be obedient for the right reasons; that there’s a working bond between you and your dog.

At Best Buddy Dog Training, our focus is on you and the day-to-day role you play in shaping your pet dogs’ behavior and attitude. While most dog trainers focus almost exclusively on commands such as “sit”, we emphasize general obedience. It’s not just commands or training tools that create a calm and obedient dog - it’s proper communication, attitude, affection and trust. We teach you how to get your dog to assume a happy, peaceful and subordinate role with you.

In our lessons, we teach your dog to do a handful of commands that serve as powerful behavior modifiers and make your life easier and more pleasant with your dog. Commands and behaviors like “follow”(the dog walks 3 to 6 feet behind you), “go on” (the dog retracts 6 to 10 feet away from you and disengages), and “down/stay” (the dog lies down and stays for 30 minutes to an hour). For many people, just those three things will change their lives for the better. Often we achieve success with these commands in the first lesson.

Shawn Hines teaching a group dog training seminar

But there’s more. Much more. We’ll show you the best ways to develop trust and respect so that your dog will defer to your decisions no matter what. Leadership is the only thing we know of that is more powerful than instinct. Dogs recognize, and quickly accept leadership when it’s given with plenty of communication and affection as well as clear guidance.

Even if you’ve spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on dog training only to struggle with things like jumping, running away, chasing other animals and being generally unruly, we can help you.

In Home Dog Obedience & Behaviour Training Rhode Island, RI Dog Obedience Training

There’s probably no need to drug your dog with Prozac or some other mood-altering drug. We think that’s not fair to the dog. Instead of drugging your dog, you should hire us to help you.

Dog Board And Train 'Boot Camp' in Rhode Island

Some dogs are more difficult, aggressive, and/or the problems have persisted and developed so that the best option is to send the dog away for boot camp. Our boot camp board and train program is unique because your dog will live with and work around our pack of (well-trained, well-behaved) dogs as well as living among and working around other animals. Instead of a kennel environment, your dog will be living in our trainer’s home and learning throughout the day instead of limited half-hour session once or twice per day. Visit our dog board and train page for more information.

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Program Details

In Home Dog Training: $2000

  • 4 visits *
  • Personalized problem-solving and obedience
  • Life-time follow-up
  • One price - up to 5 dogs

* Our goal is your satisfaction. If more lessons are needed, there is no extra cost. However, you must follow our training instructions.

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We provide in home dog training services throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Rhode Island.

Who you are to your dog is EVERYTHING...

- Shawn Hines