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The Well-trained Dog

In home dog training in Connecticut

The Well-trained Dog

The well-trained dog is a happy dog. Well-trained dogs get to go more places. The dog that knows how to behave in various situations or to look to you for guidance in unfamiliar situations is able to do more things and have more freedom. Things like hanging out with your dog at the park, taking your dog for walks, or having friends and relatives drop by become less stressful and more fun because the well-trained dog is able to participate without getting into trouble.

This is not the result of extrinsic training tools like clickers, treats, e-collars, prong collars, or haltis. It is a result of developing a clear, honest, affectionate and communicative bond with the dog thru consistence, and assertive leadership as well as genuine and expressive affection.

Who you are to your dog is everything ...

Shawn Hines

~ May 27, 2016


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