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Your home and surrounding environment are where your dog does much of his learning and develops most of his habitual behaviors. So, often the in home dog training program is the best choice for training your dog.

Home is where habits are formed, and it's a great place to start correcting those habits - for the dogs and people involved. Problems like "leash aggression", "separation anxiety", "possessiveness", jumping on people, and being generally unruly and out of control are usually rooted in the relationship and habits formed in the living environment with the dog(s). So we begin there and teach you how to gain and maintain control of your dog without treats, harsh corrections, yelling, or frustration.

In Home Dog Training in Rhode Island

With our in home dog training program, Shawn Hines will be your personal teacher and coach and show you how to train your dog at home and establish the proper relationship so that the dog will listen to and obey you in all circumstances – even off-leash and with distractions all around.

Our at home dog training service begins with a phone call where we talk about your dog's behavior, your relationship with the dog, and your idea of the perfect dog. The dog training begins immediately when Shawn arrives at your place. We begin by addressing and correcting any behavioral issues you may be having with your dog at home. At this stage we are not asking much of the dog; just a few simple commands and generally calm, obedient and submissive behavior. By the end of the first session at your home, you will see a profound change in your dog's behavior and attentiveness. This is often when clients really see who they are to their dogs for the first time.

In the following lessons, using dog psychology and clear training methods we train your dog to do things that continually increase your dog's love and respect for you, and your dog's desire to cooperate with you and obey you - on and off leash - even outside with lots of distractions all around.


Zi K. - Warren, RI

"Shawn has been patient and encouraging with me; calm, kind and affectionate with Teal. She has great respect and liking for him :) "
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Shawn has been a wonder - training me more than my dog! In the few weeks we have worked together I have learned to ask for her respect by being the ‘leader' and expecting her to do what I ask. I’ve learned about owning my space, using negative energy, being honest in what I want from her; I’m learning about being a calm leader so that she feels she can trust me, all while being kind but firm, and giving affection at the appropriate time. There’s no unkind/abusive behavior or raised voices; things are done calmly and effectively. I have not used any treats for behavior in these weeks and realize I never really needed them. Shawn has been patient and encouraging with me; calm, kind and affectionate with Teal. She has great respect and liking for him :) And what I really like about Shawn’s methods is that you see almost instant results! I can’t wait to see what happens each week as Teal and I work together. Thank you Shawn! :))

Molly the Pitbull

Leanne F. - Richmond, RI

"Shawn is really just simply amazing He is kind, fair, direct, and honest to both owners and their dogs alike."
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I owe so much to Shawn. We called him when we rescued a 2 yo pit bull who came from a very "loving" home but had NO prior training and def no leadership, she was just a couch potato and just did what she wanted all day every day. Never had structure or limits, and was almost certainly never told "no".

We wanted to adopt Shawn's philosophy to leadership right away and get off on the right foot. Shawn has taught us more about ourselves, which is so crucial in order to become an effective leader. We struggled with many things, for me, THE WALK was the most challenging of all. Molly (and myself) had developed "leash reactivity" to dogs and walking became even more of a nightmare for me than it had been already.

Shawn pointed so many things out and her misbehaving on the walk is a symptom of many subtle moments of disrespectful behaviors and lack of believable leadership, which Shawn tracked back right into our house. Some behaviors were obvious, but others were not. Once Shawn pointed out these subtleties, I noticed an immediate difference in Molly's overall behavior.

The biggest issue I have struggled tremendously with was THE WALK! Everything was just fine until an oncoming dog would come.....and it was just CHAOS! I have been pulled all over the road, lunging into the road, fallen on top of her, tripped over her and on and on.

It became frustrating and tense, I couldn't get by a dog without essentially "strangling" her by if I could even manage to keep her by my side at all. ZERO respect for me, and totally ineffective communication to her. She was just gonna do what "she wanted".

Shawn told me "RELAX", envision what you WANT to happen and make it happen. So with Shawn's advice/direction and the help of a great friend William (and his boys Willow and Kain) who is a very calm balanced person following the same approach to leadership.... We made it happen!

I didn't ruminate about what might happen or what ifs, because I said to myself, no matter what this is ending on a good note.... MY note.

We did a few oncoming pass bys, I envisioned what I wanted and within a few passes Molly with a few corrections just began to ignore the other dog and even other dogs passing by. She didn't lunge, I didn't fall down, I didn't get dragged all over the place. It was like the heavens opened up and I for the first time understood what Shawn meant by make it happen. She just kept going along calmly as William, Willow, and Kain just got closer behind us and eventually next to us and we had a more than perfect structured walk!!

So we have made amazing progress, and I have also learned to let go of the moments that don't go "great" and just try to learn something from both the good moments and the uncomfortable ones. I have learned that a moment of time with a set back is just that, it's a moment, learn from it, fix it, and forget it!

Shawn is really just simply amazing, he knows the perfect time to intervene, and also knows when I need to navigate on my own, figure things out and step up to the plate. He is kind, fair, direct, and honest to both owners and their dogs alike.

I am convinced Shawn can help you fix any issue (s) and as long as you are openminded, willing to work with your dog AND yourself, progress and good stuff will happen!!!!

Shawn is always just a phone call or text away just like he tells you. Honestly, I feel like I should be contributing to his phone bill each month for the amount of time I call and text him lol!!!!!!

Also...... "RELAX"


Cody the Cockapoo

Barbara M. - North Kingstown, RI

"Our neighbors and friends are convinced we replaced him with a well-behaved look alike!"
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Thank you, Shawn for all of your help with Cody. It seems difficult to believe that just a few months ago we were considering making the heartbreaking decision to return him to the breeder because of his aggressive and defiant behavior. Everything we had tried hadn't made any difference, and sometimes made the problem worse.

With your help we are enjoying having our calm dog at our side whether we are going for walks or just hanging out around the house. He still has his little moments of being stubborn but now I have complete confidence that we can handle it.

Our neighbors and friends are convinced we replaced him with a well-behaved look alike!


Justine S. - Tewksbury, Ma.

"… Kyle has become my very obedient room-mate at school!"
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I got Kyle when he was 8 weeks old from a rescue organization. He was sitting in his food bowl looking cute and innocent. Ironically, when we got him home, he was anything but. After a couple months, he was already showing signs of aggression over food, over toys, and over our family. Since we were unaware of how to control this aggression, we let him get away with it and our answer to the problem was always to leave the dog alone. When he got older, this became an issue because my 50 pound black German shepherd mix was terrorizing the world. He bit, he urinated in the house, he growled around his food, he ran away, he chased cars, he pulled me down the street. He was a terror! After a bite which hospitalized a worker we had in our home, and other minor incidences that he racked up over the years, we decided to seek a trainer.

Trainer #1 was 1000 dollars. She was strictly e-collar training which worked wonders with his obedience, but did nothing about his aggression. Using the e-collar he would sit, stay, down, come, every time but it never got rid of the dominance. After 3 sessions with her, she told me to put him down because he "couldn't be fixed".

Trainer #2 was another $1000 but a little better. She at least gave us insight about why Kyle was aggressive. He was dominant, fearful, anxious, and had no leadership. Unfortunately, she was afraid of him the second she saw how bad he was. She also recommended we put him down.

I knew that Kyle was not a bad dog. Actually, he was a great dog when I was alone with him. He was loving and loyal and I could not bring myself to kill him. So a month before his euthanization appointment, I called Shawn, who came to my house right away to evaluate Kyle.

Shawn's technique is simple. Who you are to your dog is everything. He taught us how to psychologically, not physically, control Kyle. He taught us to be his pack leader, and showed us that if Kyle understood we are in charge of every situation, he would find his appropriate place as the follower. And he did.

My dog, who I NEVER had around people this year climbed a mountain with myself and my school. Over 1,600 students and he followed right along. He passed other dogs, tons of children, and kept looking at me for reassurance that he was doing the right thing.

Even when Kyle had a slip up, Shawn took him for a week to live with his pack of dogs who, once again, showed Kyle who was in charge. And once I got him back and continued my work and the new techniques Shawn had given me, Kyle became a fabulous companion. I can put my hand in his food bowl, I can put him in his "place" and he will stay there even if another dog walks by. He doesn't chase cars, run away, chew the entire house, urinate all over the place, or do any of the behaviors he use to do any more. Now, that great dog I knew he was is all that I see when I am with him. Today, Kyle lives with me at my apartment at school where he takes visits to campus for walks, plays with the other dogs my landlords have, and gets a long with a horse and a donkey on the farm. With the leadership I present Kyle with now, my confidence in handling him, and my understanding of his body language and behavior, Kyle has become my very obedient room-mate at school!

Thank you so much Shawn. You don't understand how much you have helped us and how much I appreciate everything you've done for Kyle, the dog you took off of puppy death row and gave another chance at life to.

Koda and Rudy

Jenn M. - Warwick, RI

"… now I knew it was possible. "
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Best Buddy Dog Training came into my life just at the right time. I have two young puppies, which I adopted from rescue organizations last summer. My life with these beloved, adorable creatures had turned into a circus show within a few months of adopting them. While I had thought I was doing everything right as a responsible dog owner, such as enrolling them in puppy classes at a local pet shop, taking them to the dog park daily and hiring a dog walker for work days, I was truly only hurting them.

What I did not know until I met Shawn Hines, was that all these activities were only disconnecting me from my dogs. Instead of looking to me as their leader, they would ignore my commands, behave disrespectfully and do what was asked only if presented with a treat or reward. I had lost total control of my two beautiful puppies. I hit rock bottom when a local indoor dog park announced "unleash the beast" which I entered with Koda one day. Later, when I was deciding whether or not to renew my membership - the owner suggested my oldest puppy, Koda go for more training. I was insulted and hurt - hadn't I already spent hundreds for two training classes, doggy day care and an experienced walker? I knew I needed to do something though, to end the chaos. It was at the point that Koda would play extremely rough with other dogs, not come when I called and he had even begun to bite me. This was most devastating of all - getting attacked by my own dog. I spent many nights wondering where I went wrong? I bought my dogs tons of treats, toys and was always showering them in love and attention. I had no idea I was setting them up for failure. I wondered if I would have to contact the adoption agencies to return one of them. I was sick and horrified to even think of this. I also began to doubt myself and wonder if everyone was right - two puppies at once for a single gal was too much.

At this point, I picked up my phone to call Shawn Hines at Best Buddy Dog Training. I had been following him on his website, after learning he adopted my youngest pups mom, Freedom and was rehabilitating her. I knew from his words, pictures and videos that he was the best around.

I still remember my first conversation with Shawn. I remember crying as soon as he asked me what was wrong. He was so calm and direct and full of information on the phone that I knew he could help me with my dogs. I was really nervous to meet Shawn though. I was afraid he would judge me as a bad dog owner. During my first visit with Shawn - I was in a state of shock. I learned that sadly, I was not treating my dogs respectfully by trying to over-meet their needs by giving them constant rewards and treats for "good" behavior. Shawn immediately explained to me what appropriate dog behavior is - and I knew I had a lot of work cut out for me. I did not feel judged though - Shawn told me that my issues were quite common and things he had seen before. I was relieved. In that first hour of our meeting - to my amazement Shawn was able to get both dogs quiet, calm and demonstrate how a dog should behave. So now I knew it was possible. I saw it with my own eyes.

Over the next several months, Shawn worked consistently with me and my dogs. He provided me with the tools to become a strong leader with the confidence I had been lacking. Shawn was supportive and there to answer my every panicked phone call along the way. He truly showed me to change my behavior which in turn, gave my dogs the chance to become great puppies. It was not easy and took a lot of work and practice for me. In fact, I feel like I am always "training" in the sense that I cannot get lazy and rely on treats or forget to demand total respect from my dogs - because things could easily slip back into old habits and destructive behavior. And trust me - Shawn was there to notice my slips ups to prevent that from happening!

When I can now take both dogs out for a walk, and have them by my side walking in sync with me, heads forward and body relaxed - I am happiest. I owe it to Shawn Hines for the work he did with me, Koda and Rudy. My dogs are happier, my house is calmer and my life is back in order. Shawn's work truly saved the life of me and my dogs from what had been a desperate situation. I think I was most inspired by Shawn's calm demeanor, natural confidence and his ability to connect to both man and dog. Thank you Shawn!


Giannoula K. - Boston, Ma.

"I thought I was never going to be able to handle her."
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I would readily recommend Best Buddy Dog Training to anyone anytime. Shawn helped me, and my dog through a very difficult time. Gabby, a German Shepherd with an incredibly high drive, and some really bad habits from her previous life came to me when she was a year old. Apparently her owners got fed up with her.

She was very stubborn and unpredictable. She could be sweet and loving at one time, and aggressive and tense at other times. I live in the city, but she was impossible to walk on the leash. She would lunge at any dog walking by and on one occasion, she yanked the leash out of my hand, and run off getting into a fight and biting a dog.

It had cost me close to a thousand dollars in vet bills! I was ready to give her up. I thought I was never going to be able to handle her. Shawn, the owner of Best Buddy Dog Training, talked me into keeping her and patiently explained to me the principles of a dog/owner relationship. He taught me to be firm, but fair; to be consistent and clear, and helped me transform Gabby into a confident, trusting and calm dog. We are still working with her, but I can see the light. And, I am definitely keeping her.


Michelle M. - Wrentham, Ma.

"… a very playful, happy family pet."
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I would recommend Best Buddy Dog Training to anyone who has a big problem or small. Sadie my 2year old yellow lab had some issues with aggressive behavior. Shawn has helped me and Sadie overcome these issues, by teaching me how to control situations, and not let Sadie always feel like she has to be the protector. Sadie now walks right beside me and doesn't pull and take control. She listens to my commands, such as wait, stop, sit, down, and stay. Most importantly she (Sadie) still has her personality, after all she is a very playful, happy family pet.


K. Wiig - Providence, RI

"I highly recommend Shawn and his approach."
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I am the owner of a 6 month old lab-mix puppy named Jenny. In addition to Jenny showing some undesirable behaviors, I am also a first time dog-owner, and so did not know a lot about dogs, dog behavior or training dogs. Jenny is naturally a pretty mellow dog, but she was doing some things that I was unable to correct: jumping up on people, alternating between pulling on the leash and lying down and refusing to walk, and refusing to sit down on command. Within one session with Shawn, she was lying down and waiting patiently, and within a couple, she was walking well on the leash - no more tugging, lying down or lunging at other dogs.

Jenny is now a really well behaved puppy, she does what she is told and is really good towards other dogs and people. In addition, I learned so much about dogs from Shawn - his knowledge on dog behavior, psychology and training is vast. Shawn was amazing with Jenny - he could get her to do anything, often in one try! Training Jenny with Shawn was definitely worth it - I highly recommend Shawn and his approach.


C. Wright - Groton, Ma

"I couldn't be happier"
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I highly recommend Best Buddy Dog Training to anyone looking for a very professional, highly knowledgeable, and efficient dog trainer. My trainer, Shawn, taught me how to lead my dog from the moment he arrived. With Shawn's instruction, I had my untrained, energetic Weimeraner sitting, laying down and staying after the first visit. Shawn has always been available between visits to help and answer any questions or address any issues that come up. Shawn even provided me with on-going follow up after the formal training program had ended at no additional charge! Anyone looking to train their dog and build the bond with their dog that we all want, should use BBDT. Save yourself the time and money of other trainers or programs. BBDT is well worth the investment!! I couldn't be happier!!


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