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Trust and Respect

Trust and Respect ... Best Buddy Dog Training Blog

Trust and Respect

Obedience training will be ineffective if you are not someone the dog trusts and respects enough to obey when his impulses suggest otherwise. Without trust and respect, the dog will disobey when his agenda is different than your own if you don't have a physical means to control him (ex: leash, prong collar, e-collar), or if you don't have a reward greater than the dog's desire or impulse to disobey. To gain trust and respect, begin by being honest (with yourself AND the dog), consistent and persistent. Address each instance of disobedience calmly and firmly and persist until you get the result you are looking for. Be calmly affectionate when the dog complies, and continue on as you were. Consistency builds trust, and persistence builds respect. Who you are to your dog is everything ...

Shawn Hines

~ Dec 10, 2014


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