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Best Buddy Dog Training


Freedom and Teal, 2 dogs lying down during an in home training session


Shawn has been a wonder - training me more than my dog! In the few weeks we have worked together I have learned to ask for her respect by being the 'leader' and expecting her to do what I ask. I've learned about owning my space, using negative energy, being honest in what I want from her; I'm learning about being a calm leader so that she feels she can trust me, all while being kind but firm, and giving affection at the appropriate time. There's no unkind/abusive behavior or raised voices; things are done calmly and effectively. I have not used any treats for behavior in these weeks and realize I never really needed them. Shawn has been patient and encouraging with me; calm, kind and affectionate with Teal. She has great respect and liking for him :) And what I really like about Shawn's methods is that you see almost instant results! I can't wait to see what happens each week as Teal and I work together. Thank you Shawn! :))

Zi K.

- Warren, RI

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