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Best Buddy Dog Training


Gabby the German Shepherd


I would readily recommend Best Buddy Dog Training to anyone anytime. Shawn helped me, and my dog through a very difficult time. Gabby, a German Shepherd with an incredibly high drive, and some really bad habits from her previous life came to me when she was a year old. Apparently her owners got fed up with her.

She was very stubborn and unpredictable. She could be sweet and loving at one time, and aggressive and tense at other times. I live in the city, but she was impossible to walk on the leash. She would lunge at any dog walking by and on one occasion, she yanked the leash out of my hand, and run off getting into a fight and biting a dog.

It had cost me close to a thousand dollars in vet bills! I was ready to give her up. I thought I was never going to be able to handle her. Shawn, the owner of Best Buddy Dog Training, talked me into keeping her and patiently explained to me the principles of a dog/owner relationship. He taught me to be firm, but fair; to be consistent and clear, and helped me transform Gabby into a confident, trusting and calm dog. We are still working with her, but I can see the light. And, I am definitely keeping her.

Giannoula K.

- Boston, Ma.

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