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I have chosen to work with Shawn long distance. I have three very different dogs and needed some help after a move - with behavior and aggression issues. I consulted many different behaviorists and trainers before deciding to work with Shawn. It seemed that often what I knew about my dogs was dismissed and I was expected to take a trainer's advice who had never even seen my dogs and me interact. I had seen some of Shawn's posts from a friend's timeline and they really resonated with me. I was tired of clickers and treats as sole motivators and found them to bring only temporary results. My corrections seem to only be short lived and we were back to square one. Shawn is not fazed by anything I relay in terms of dog behavior, he does not shame me for my mistakes. His approach is matter of fact, insightful, dog focused (think like a dog), and solution based. Shawn has consistently guided me with practical corrections and exercises that work. I appreciate that he asks me to observe what I see and then works with me on what this means and where to go with it. My dogs and I are beginning to understand our roles better and we all have a clear place in the household order that puts me in charge instead of them. I would add that if you ever run into a trainer that promises a quick fix, or wants to tell you they are the only authority on dog training, walk away. Bad habits and good teaching take time. Training is not enough...teaching of both the human and the dog must occur. I highly recommend Shawn and Best Buddy Dog Training.

Julia P.

- Seattle, Wa.

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