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Best Buddy Dog Training


Golden Retriever looking into the distance


Shawn at Best Buddy Dog Training changed my life for the better. I enrolled my dog Joy in the Board and Train program because I couldn't get her to follow basic commands, walk without pulling, or get her to jump into the car. After a few weeks with Shawn, I got back a fully trained dog. Joy is now following all commands, heels, and gets in the car!

The real difference with Shawn's technique was teaching me how to communicate with my dog and how to make my expectations known. Shawn "speaks" dog. He took the time to work with me to make sure I too could speak to Joy in a way she understands.

I am now able to better enjoy my time and my life with Joy. The frustration of her leading on walks is gone and we are able to enjoy more time outside together. She follows my lead and my commands and we are both happier for it.

I recommend anyone who feels uncertain about their dog’s behavior to contact Shawn and learn how to “speak” dog. It can be life changing.

Kate P.

- Gardner, MA

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