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Best Buddy Dog Training


Dog practicing downstay in board and train program


I was at my wit's end. I searched the internet frantically for a solution. My bundle of joy puppy had turned into a Tasmanian devil... not an exaggeration. Divot was becoming more aggressive by the day and I had no idea how to correct it. I tried everything without success, until I came across Shawn Hines at Best Buddy Dog Training. My first phone call with Shawn was almost an hour. He listened carefully and then explained his philosophy. I felt at ease with him immediately. We opted for the Board and Train. Divot stayed with Shawn for what seemed like forever... little did we know that was the easy part. Once Divot came back it was time for my husband and I to start our lessons. Shawn's patience with us was unbelievable. His love for our dog was so obvious. We were ready to give up a couple of times... Shawn was the one that kept us going.
Divot knew some tricks, but we learned that isn't what’s important. The most important thing is knowing who I am to my dog and knowing how to communicate with him... anything else is just fluff. It's a process and in some cases (like us) it can be a long process, but Shawn is there every step to help.

D. Landi

- Smithfield, RI

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