So much noise ... so little proof

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So much noise ... so little proof

Apparently, the dogs have not read the new 'science-based' stuff so aggressively pushed by the 'purely positive' training crowd - who would certainly be showing the results of their work if the results were as wonderful as they claim. The dogs still behave, learn, and interact like dogs rather than wolves or dolphins. Training a dog like a dolphin or treating her like a human is not respectful to the dog and is at the root of most of the behavioral problems I encounter.

I like dogs. So I prove it to them by respecting their nature, rather than trying to change it to fit human emotions. I train them by first respecting the way they learn. They demonstrate that they are 'on board' with my training by being happy, calm, respectful, submissive and obedient to my commands.

You can listen to the 'noise' or you can observe the dogs. I prefer to observe the dogs - they never lie.

Everybody has a camera on their phone now-a-days. So it should be pretty easy to show competence. All this talk about 'methods' and 'tools' is just so much noise. Never mind the methods and tools - let's see the results. Whether the dogs are being abused or not will be readily apparent. In the results. Whether the training works or not will be readily apparent as well. In the results.

The best result is a happy, obedient, respectful dog that can be trusted to obey when it matters - off leash with distractions all around and no fanny-pack full of 'yummy treats' on hand - like the dogs you see on this website. The rest is just … bull.

Who you are to your dog is everything ...


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Much of 'modern' popular dog behavioral training seems to be focused on changing, redirecting or struggling to understand why dogs develop behavior issues, and treating the symptoms of those issues. In my opinion, far too much of the emphasis is then placed on changing the dog and not enough on changing the way the human owner relates to and behaves around the dog. In my experience, the most common behavioral issues tend to be created or exacerbated by the humans' input or lack thereof. For better or worse. The posts in this blog share my views on the human-dog relationship and how to effect it in a way that creates balance, calmness, fulfillment and obedience.

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