Do you 'love' your dog?

Do you love your dog? ... Best Buddy Dog Training Blog

Do you 'love' your dog?

It's good to love your dog. It's good for you and - sometimes - it's good for the dog. So what could possibly go wrong?


Love without understanding and respect can very quickly become abuse. Both ways.

Learn all you can about dogs and dog body language, communication, and behavior. Learn to love your dog as what he is: a dog. Only then can you can love your dog in a way that creates a peaceful, happy relationship and promotes trust and obedience when it matters most.

Who you are to your dog is everything …


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It's NOT the dog …

Much of 'modern' popular dog behavioral training seems to be focused on changing, redirecting or struggling to understand why dogs develop behavior issues, and treating the symptoms of those issues. In my opinion, far too much of the emphasis is then placed on changing the dog and not enough on changing the way the human owner relates to and behaves around the dog. In my experience, the most common behavioral issues tend to be created or exacerbated by the humans' input or lack thereof. For better or worse. The posts in this blog share my views on the human-dog relationship and how to effect it in a way that creates balance, calmness, fulfillment and obedience.

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