Approval, Acceptance, or Correction …

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Approval, Acceptance, or Correction …

IMO, your dog's behavior should get one of three things from you at any given time: Approval, Acceptance, or Correction.

Approval is active and should occur when the dog has done something active you have commanded him to do. It can include petting, happy talking, smiling, playing, treats, toys, or anything reasonable that makes you and the dog feel good.

Acceptance is passive and should occur when the dog is calmly and peacefully hanging out with you or doing a 'duration command' like down/stay'. Acceptance is when you simply go on about what you are doing without paying any particular attention to the dog. A good way to practice this, (and solve a lot of other problems, too) is to have the dogs doing down/stays for hours at a time 6 to 10 feet away from you while you do whatever you are doing around the house. You'll know you have it right when the dogs fall asleep …

A Correction should be administered whenever the dog is actively disobeying you, or whenever the dog is doing something that is unacceptable. The correction must be sharp and clear enough that the dog stops the behavior and is inhibited from it in the future. However, when you correct your dog take care that the correction is not vindictive or abusive. In most instances, corrections should be immediately preceeded by the word 'no'. Initially they always include touch or physical interaction (leash 'pop', etc). If the dog's behavior doesn't change, your correction was not communicative enough. When your dog changes his behavior you must immediately forgive and go on as if it never happened.

When your relationship is good with your dog, your approval and praise will be wonderful, your acceptance will be comforting, and your corrections will clearly let him know that he should stop what he is doing.

Who you are to your dog is everything …


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Much of 'modern' popular dog behavioral training seems to be focused on changing, redirecting or struggling to understand why dogs develop behavior issues, and treating the symptoms of those issues. In my opinion, far too much of the emphasis is then placed on changing the dog and not enough on changing the way the human owner relates to and behaves around the dog. In my experience, the most common behavioral issues tend to be created or exacerbated by the humans' input or lack thereof. For better or worse. The posts in this blog share my views on the human-dog relationship and how to effect it in a way that creates balance, calmness, fulfillment and obedience.

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