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Niko the GSD

Shawn meeting Niko for the first time
We would not have Niko with usright now if it wasn't for Shawn

We thought we were going to have to get rid of Niko. Our daughter looked online and called a place in CA who referred her to Shawn here on the East Coast. She called & told him the issues we were dealing with, Shawn wasn't fazed. My husband called Shawn that evening & liked what he heard from Shawn, he had the same beliefs.

Shawn had Niko for 5 weeks & brought home a changed dog. Shawn has also been coming to our house to train us to continue working with Niko.

Niko graduated yesterday but Shawn assured us he is only a phone call away. I can say that Niko truly enjoyed his time with Shawn, his tail wagged while watching videos & when Shawn came, Niko was ready to hop in his car when he left. We kind of felt bad, that Niko missed Shawn. He truly is a dog whisperer. We would not have Niko with us right now if it wasn't for Shawn & we thank him so very much.


Best Buddy Dog Training

Dog Training Reviews - Niko the German Shepherd Dog
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